Sunday, January 01, 2006

01-01 Nikki

During a light lunch at the Gallery Cafe. She had broccoli salad, soda water and the delish lemon-meringue pie. I opted for spaghetti bolognaise, iced tea and the mocha pot.

Nikki's on week 29 of the pregnancy. We're both looking forward to going to Melbourne at the end of the month.
Canon 20D
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L
1/30 at f/5, ISO-400


Blogger Nordia said...

Beautiful. Gives credence to the Glow of pregnancy.

Good luck with your PAD.

2/1/06 02:25  
Blogger vincent(modgethanc) said...

The pose is very natural-looking, albiet the focus seems just a little too soft...

Good luck with your PaD and happy new year! When the baby comes I expect there will be plenty of picture opportunities there :)

2/1/06 02:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice portrait. I like the soft look of it. Well done.

2/1/06 03:01  
Blogger Ben said...

Really nice start to the project, keep up the great work :) Happy new year! :)

2/1/06 04:52  
Blogger James said...

Very nice portrait. I love the blur. Good Luck.

2/1/06 04:54  
Blogger kaye said...

Wonderful portrait. Looking forward to lots of great baby pics soon! Congrats and happy new year!

2/1/06 06:13  
Blogger pidge said...

Very nice shot.

Hope you have a wonderful trip, and best wishes for when the baby arrives!

Good luck with your PAD. I'm sure there will be many of your baby when born!

2/1/06 07:10  
Blogger Laurie L. Black said...

Beautiful portrait! She glows, like most moms-to-be. Can't wait to see more as you progress towards the delivery! :)

2/1/06 07:28  
Blogger Chuck (Hye5) said...

Very nice. Love the shallow DOF... almost looks like selective focus. You are on your way to a great 2006 and the joys (or miseries) of parenthood! Happy 2006

2/1/06 07:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a content look! We know the baby growing must be very special to make the mum look so beautiful.
cheers to you all!

2/1/06 08:58  
Blogger A1275 said...

Very nice portrait, and good capture of facial expression. Thanks for sharing.

2/1/06 11:45  
Blogger Artyste said...

I love shallow DOF portraits. Great work

2/1/06 12:31  
Blogger Rupert said...

So I already said, "wow" in the other comment, but...WOW! The lighting and composition--amazing. It's a very classical photo that reminds me of photos of Bette Davis and Jane Russell. Nicely done.

3/1/06 09:55  

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