Tuesday, January 03, 2006

01-03 Handspun

Balled up, knotty, rough, almost fraying apart, near unravelling. Squeeze it hard enough, it hurts you, and might even cut you. Soak it in water, the deepest strand will never fully dry, as an old, dying man hangs on, retaining a thread of memory.
Canon 20D
Sigma 105 f/2.8 EX DG Macro
1/100 at f/2.8, ISO-1600


Blogger Nordia said...

Oh I love the texure! I feel like some raving fangirl when I comment on your workk, but all of it just calls to me. Really fantastic. Great shot.

3/1/06 20:46  
Blogger Ben said...

Great detail and texture. Also really nice mixture of dark and light. Very nice shot! :)

3/1/06 21:49  
Blogger pidge said...

love the texture and shadows. Great clairty and sharpness

4/1/06 03:33  
Blogger Chuck (Hye5) said...

Love the image and the texture. B/W or sepia might be an option to consider on this one.

4/1/06 07:38  
Blogger jp said...

Great textures, I can almost feel the fibers. This is perfectly done!

4/1/06 07:38  
Blogger Jen said...

Very simple, yet looks so good! Nice work.

4/1/06 07:43  
Blogger Laurie L. Black said...

This is stunning... I agree with all the other posts as well. Wow! :)

4/1/06 08:38  
Blogger Saracat said...

Now this I like! Beautiful colors, wonderful texture, perfect lighting - all in all an excellent piece. You should consider putting this one up for sale - would be a wonderful find for anyone interested in 'nautical' themed photos...

4/1/06 09:24  
Blogger A1275 said...

Texture and detail really reach out and grab you. Nice job.

4/1/06 11:08  
Blogger vincent(modgethanc) said...

I can feel it cutting my hands, run my hands over the coils and it bites into my flesh.

Nice job, having it fade away, coils that look somewhat messy but still organized, like carefully controlled chaos.

I am much a fan.

4/1/06 11:44  
Blogger Faye Pekas said...

This is so nice. I love the lighting and the texture. I love your description. It gave the photo even more character. Well done

4/1/06 12:45  

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