Friday, January 06, 2006

01-06 Nikki 3

If you're not guessing it yet, I'll confirm it. Yes, Nikki is going to figure prominently in these PAD filings. This was right before we had a drink with HeMarli, our landlady. Marli, as we call her, lives in Norway. She visits Sri Lanka from time to time, to spend time with her father Dr Jayasekara, or Dr J, as we called him.

This current trip for Marli has been the saddest of them all, as Dr J passed away yesterday morning. He was a sweet man whose mind remained swift and cutting until almost the last day. He decided to give up, we think, a few months ago. And he expressed that by refusing to eat, and insisting to be left alone. He was 85 when he died. Told that the New Year had arrived a few days ago, he said: "So what???"

One other detail about Dr J (and yes, I'm sorry I'm taking the time to attach a long text here NOT about Nikki, but about someone else, but I hope you'd understand why and forgive me for it) is that for decades, he has sat on the porch outside of his bedroom in the early evening hours, as each day passed into the evening and then night, and counted the flying foxes passing overhead. The area in which we live is a passage area for flying foxes, and each dusk, they flew directly above the house from their sleeping grounds during the day to their feeding spots at night. He reckoned that as more modernity and development happened over the years, fewer and fewer flying foxes flew by. (I'm thinking that maybe for tomorrow's shot, I'll try for a silhouette of a bat group, or something like that. We'll see).

Oh yeah, his favorite song is "Beautiful Dreamer," which was originally done by Stephen Foster and then turned into a lullaby later on. If you're interested, I can send an ITunes file for this, just so you can hear what I'm talking about.

Back to Nikki. She's had a good day today, and the bub, again, has been kicking like mad. We think it's due to the bit of wasabi she had during lunch, to go with the avocado sushi. We finalized our flight today, and are now looking into car rental for four months in Australia. If you're in the Melbourne area, please keep in mind that we're looking for a rental between February and June, a reasonable and safe car, one in which we could dump a baby seat in the back and a stroller in the boot (that's "the trunk" for Americans). Let me know if you see a good prospect for this.

PS Nikki is with Jojo :)
Canon 20D
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L
1/50 at f/4, ISO-400


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