Saturday, January 07, 2006

01-07 Oskar

Meet Oskar Knox, aka OK. He kicks a ball really well, and today he demonstrated how sometimes when he's happy, he could run around in circles and not get dizzy at all. He's damn strong, and is already a strict vegetarian. I have no doubt, given what I know of his dad Alex, that Oskar one day would develop a refined musical taste with a bent for thumping electronica. He is shown here with residual pizza sauce on his face, and I do believe he had a good time this afternoon at our place.
I've known Oskar for just over a year now. Each time I meet and hang out with him, not only do I see various changes in him, but I also realize how perhaps he might be changing little bits of me, as well as bits of all the other folks who have been lucky enough to have had the privilege of sharing time with him.

Canon 20D
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L
1/50 at f/2.8, ISO-400
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Blogger jenesis said...

He's so handsome. Wonderful light on his face. Kids are so amazing! They are just sponges soaking up every little thing they see and hear. Too bad we can't stay that way. :-)

7/1/06 22:44  
Blogger Karen said...

Lovely portrait, the lighting is really nice. Sweet kid.

8/1/06 03:07  
Blogger Artyste said...

Very cute kid, and the monochromatic processing really plays well.

8/1/06 04:10  
Blogger mk said...

How adorable - the photo and the story. I love the coloring. OK is the greatest nickname/set of initials ever.

8/1/06 08:13  
Blogger -Matt said...

agree with mk on the ok.

Awesome eyes on this kid. I'd love to get him in the studio for an hour.

8/1/06 08:16  
Blogger Laurie L. Black said...

What a sweetie! Excellent shot. :)

8/1/06 08:52  
Blogger mike fairbanks said...

I Love these photo glimpses into peeps lives, keep em coming, heck if you do this all year you could have a book!

8/1/06 10:23  
Blogger A1275 said...

Really good eye detail, and great story! Hope to see more of him...

10/1/06 19:21  
Blogger ck, ok, ak and ce said...

thanks rob. oskar sends infinite gratitude (via us of course). love the photo. it really does show his quiet contemplation - absorbing everything.

11/1/06 12:36  

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