Sunday, January 15, 2006

01-15 Shrimp vendor

Guess what I was shooting for :). Spent most of the afternoon at the Galle Face Walk, a landmark spot in Colombo. It's right in front of the grand Galle Face Hotel, and on most afternoons, thousands of people throng to this spot and enjoy the ocean views.
This man sells shrimp cakes out of a cart, an American dime a piece.

Canon 20D
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS
1/200 at f/2.8, ISO-100


Blogger James said...

Nice image and story. When this one here I am sure you got a great one for the challenge.

16/1/06 01:16  
Blogger Artyste said...

While contemplating the "Singled Out" challenge, I realized that it was something I'd do better to just ignore and not go for.. trying to make it interesting was one of the hardest things I can think of..

This is one of the better outtakes I've seen from anyone, so if you've entered, looking forward to seeing it.

16/1/06 09:22  

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