Friday, January 20, 2006

01-20 Mia

After Artyste did one, I had to do one as well. This is Mia, our niece. The shots are not from today, and they're not even recent. But I've been thinking about triptyching Mia for a while.
Shot in black and white mode (these are three out of about 30 similar images). Mia was in a really good mood that day and I think her general excitement comes through. You'll see more of her in the next few months as I'm sure to abuse her services as a model during the four months that we'll spend in Australia.
Oh yeah, another week to go and we're off.

Canon 20D
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L
1/1000, 1/1250 and 1/1000 at f/4, ISO-1600


Blogger Rupert said...

She's adorable and very photogenic. Doesn't hurt to have an uncle who's talented either!

21/1/06 00:12  
Blogger Jasmine said...

So cute! Great shots!

21/1/06 04:04  
Blogger Chuck (Hye5) said...

Nice portraits! These triptychs have become quite popular in the PADs.

21/1/06 12:22  
Blogger TonyV said...

This is a great set of photographs. You really have captured a lot of her personality.

21/1/06 12:35  
Blogger Artyste said...

Aww, she's very cute.. and has very similar hair to Megan too! lol

Nice work on the triptych border too, that's usually a very weak point for me, which is why I don't do too many of them.

22/1/06 01:27  
Blogger Nordia said...

Beautiful shot. And cute girl. She's a natural! Awesome.

22/1/06 11:00  

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