Tuesday, March 07, 2006

03-02 Fly

I hate flies. And in Australia, they grow them big. Huge bush blow flies, buzz about inside our house. They're stupid for coming in. They try to get out. But they can't, and just die on the window sill.
This one I lightly swatted, and shot while it was dazed. Afterward, I gently pushed it on top of a piece of paper and dumped outside the house. It flew back into the house through the open door.
I swatted it dead.
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Blogger John Beebe said...

Spoken like a true Buddhist. Hope life is treating you very well!

7/3/06 21:48  
Blogger TonyV said...

Now we know why they invented 'THAT' hat.

15/3/06 00:10  

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